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Service Solutions

Once a surgical table begins to show signs of wear, problems can escalate quickly. An OR table malfunction during surgery could have serious consequences. And an out-of-service operating room table is a costly challenge for any OR.

From simple table repairs to a complete table rebuild, MedRecon offers the industry’s most complete surgical table solutions. Our certified technicians are highly trained and can help with all needed parts, accessories or repairs on any table, of any age, regardless of manufacturer. Or avoid unnecessary downtime with a MedRecon Preventive Maintenance Contract to ensure your tables remain in top working condition.

Give us a call. MedRecon offers immediate, FREE telephone technical support. We'll diagnose your table problem and assist with solutions!

Preventive Maintenance Contracts

Don't wait for unexpected breaks or malfunctions to render your OR table unusable.

A Preventive Maintenance Contract will catch problems before they occur, avoiding costly downtime and repairs.

With your contract, wear, tear and change are anticipated and continuous corrective actions are taken to ensure peak efficiency and minimize any deterioration. MedRecon Preventive Maintenance Contracts offer a planned and controlled program of systematic inspection, adjustment, lubrication and replacement of components, as well as performance testing and analysis of each surgical table in your hospital or surgery center.

Our one- to three-year contracts extend the life of your surgical table and come with the peace of mind of knowing your OR tables are always operating in optimum condition. Each contract can be customized to fit your facility's needs.

MedRecon Preventive Maintenance Contract Advantages

An OR budget is controlled and expensive repairs and costly downtime avoided:

Need Parts or Accessories?

Looking for a hard-to-find replacement part or needed accessory?

Take advantage of our huge selection of parts and accessories... and same-day shipping!

MedRecon stocks a wide inventory of repair and maintenance parts for your Skytron surgical tables, Amsco OR tables and Ritter examination tables, and any other table, regardless of the manufacturer or table age.

We can also customize any OR table to your requirements or a specific needs. Our design services offer hospitals a unique advantage in the modification of OR and surgical tables for general use.

Plus, MedRecon offers FREE telephone technical assistance to diagnose your table problem and assist with solutions to get the equipment back in service.

Repair Solutions

MedRecon's certified table technicians are ready to help with on-site, on-time and on-budget repairs. With a complete stock of parts and accessories at hand, our expert service personnel can repair any table regardless of age or manufacturer.

For major repairs that can't be completed at your facility, we'll bring your OR table to our shop and provide you with a FREE loaner table* of the same make and model while we're servicing your table.

MedRecon Service Advantages: