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Management Team

Sean Hutcheson


Sean brings his decades of experience in sales and marketing along with a keen business acumen to drive the strategic vision of MedRecon while maintaining the high-level quality of service that customers have come to know and expect.

Wende Sitcer

Business Manager

Wende can help you determine alternative solutions for your OR table issues. Do you need your table rebuilt? Are you looking to add additional functionality? Our sales department can assist you with budget information, Preventive maintenance contracts and a host of solutions to allow you to make the best decision for your table.

Andy Kroszczynski

Vice President of Operations

Need technical assistance? Contact Andy for FREE help with all your maintenance issues. Whether you’re a MedRecon customer or not, Andy is happy to offer advice on your OR table problems or discuss your table parts and accessory needs.

Field Service Department

Our Field Service Department provides hospitals and surgery centers comprehensive and technically superior inspection, installation and repair services. This department specializes in on-site, on-time and on-budget technical services to keep your Amsco, Maquet, Midmark, Ritter, Shampaine, Skytron or any other OR tables at optimum performance.